Skier Cody Townsend's Terrifying Path Through Narrow Alaska Crevice

This 90-second clip shows skier Cody Townsend plunging through a narrow crease in a steep mountain in the Alaskan wilderness.


California Skier Cody Townsend earned the coveted “Line of the Year” prize at Powder Magazine’s annual awards show for this insane ski run. 

The chute is probably 5-6 feet wide at it’s narrowest I’d guess,” Townsend tells the Daily News. “It was hard to tell though because honestly, I was going so fast I wasn’t paying attention to anything that wasn’t directly in front of me. You’re focused on where you need to go, not on the details of what’s around you.”

Townsend had to take a helicopter to reach the top of the run - probably a good indication that what's happening next is going to be crazy! 


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