Watch How These Soccer Players React When Rival's Identity Is Revealed

A group of male soccer players were literally baffled when they realized the "guy" who had been running circles around them on the field was actually a girl.

A group of male soccer players are shocked to learn that their awesome, skilled opponent who they believed to be another “one of the guys,” was actually a woman the entire time!

Professional soccer star Brenda Perez agreed to participate in an experiment for a Spanish TV show, El Hormiguero, in an effort to destroy some of the stereotypes about women’s soccer.

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Perez, 21, went through seven hours of make-up to become “Dani” and play in a non-league match in Madrid with about 20 other men.

Only the referee and team manager for the side she was playing for knew who she really was. In the video below, after she reveals her true identity one of the players says “I told you she looked like a girl!” to another player.

Perez referred to the “prank” as an “unforgettable experience.”

“A couple of players were looking at me a bit strangely and I overheard one making the comment, ‘His beard’s coming off, what’s wrong with him,’ but apart from that it went well,” she said. 

Perez literally ran rings around her male counterparts. Her big reveal was epic, as she was setting up to take a free-kick and paused the game to take off her wig, gloves and beard.

Not only did she shock the heck out of all the guys on the field, making for a pretty hilarious video — but she was also able to effectively prove that women athletes can be just as skilled, if not more so, than men.  

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