This Wonder Goal Isn't Great Because A Woman Scored It. It's Awesome Because It's Awesome.

Any superstar of the men's game would be proud to score the goal that Stephanie Roche did.

Women may have proven that they're no less than the opposite sex in most walks of life, but the world of sports has yet to acknowledge that fact. The generalized view of men having more physical prowess than women is why sports is a male dominated field, while women remain in the shadow of their male counterparts. 

This is also the case with the world’s most popular sport, football. Every football lover knows who Ronaldo and Messi are, but don't have a clue about Marta and Mia Hamm.

That's why this is important. FIFA, for the very first time, has shortlisted a female footballer's goal for its prestigious FIFA Puskas Award.

The goal was scored last year by an Irish player named Stephanie Roche. Her stunning volley may have come in an unglamorous encounter between Peamount United and Wexford Youths, but that doesn't make its quality any less.

Roche's first touch of a cross was brilliant enough to warrant admiration, but it had brought her closer to her marker. So, she flicked it over her head, bamboozled the defender and then launched an unstoppable 20-yard volley with her left foot past the shell-shocked goalkeeper. And she made it look ridiculously easy.

Her competition is two goals from the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which tells us even more about the quality of her strike. While the other finalists such as Robin van Persie and James Rodriguez's goals are great, they are not quite as impressive as Roche's.

Check them out for comparisons and decide for yourself:

So while it's easy to think that FIFA might be pushing Roche's strike to repair its image that has taken more than its share of pounding due to the whole World Cup corruption scandals. Having said that, one look makes it clear that that's not the case. This female footballer not only deserves to be in the running but should also come out on top when the winner of the FIFA Puskas Award is announced.

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