Watch The Incredible 66-Yard Goal That Is Even Better Than Beckham's

Okay, this goal definitely deserves a FIFA Puskas award.

charlie adam

The feat that propelled David Beckham to superstardom was his spectacular goal from beyond the halfway line against Wimbledon in 1996. That legendary strike turned Beckham into a household name and international fame followed soon after.

While Beckham's goal was stunning, this latest one from Scotland midfielder Charlie Adam is even better. In fact, many believe when it comes to all-time greatest long range strikes, it will be Adam's golazo that will be the new benchmark.

It happened in the Barclays Premier League encounter between Stoke and Chelsea on Saturday. Adam's left foot has always been regarded as one of the finest, most powerful and accurate in English football, but no one expected him to unleash the mother of all thunderbastards when he collected the ball some 70 yards away from the Chelsea goal.

He took a few steps before noticing that goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was standing way outside his goal. This is when the 29-year-old put his laces through the ball, which in turned travelled more than half the pitch at vicious speed and towards Courtois.

The Chelsea man is one of the best goalies in the world and his height (6'6) makes it almost impossible for him to be lobbed. But Adam made impossible possible, and despite Courtois' best efforts to track back, he couldn't prevent the shot from penetrating his goal.

thibaut courtois

Not only has Adam's goal at least 10 yards on Beckham's, but he beat a larger and much better custodian in Courtois. This truly is one of the best long range goals you will see not just this year but ever.

Here is Beckham's for comparison:

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