NFL Fans Are Doing a Great Job Mimicking The Shameful Behavior Of Their Gridiron Idols

Turns out football fans are just as crazy as the athletes they revere.

Cooler weather, Halloween decorations and football. October is a great month for many Americans, especially sports fans.

But this October, some fans have been embarrassing and criminal. Carbonated.TV has a round-up of the worst. Let's hope fans AND players stay out of the news for the rest of the season! 

Prosthetic Leg Stolen

Philadelphia Police have found a missing prosthetic leg after it was stolen by a drunk female fan after Sunday night's Eagles-Giants game.

Sonny Forriest Jr., a Vietnam vet who performs and sings outside of Phillies and Eagles games, had taken off his prosthetic leg as he was packing up his car. A drunk woman snatched it and ran away, weaving between parked cars. 

Giants Fan Belted With Trash

As a Giants fan walked back to his seat at the Eagles game with a couple of beers, a man shouted “asshole”.  Then trash started flying. 

The Giants fan smiled and extended his arms, trying to be a good sport. But more people started to boo and throw trash.  No arrests were made but ticket holders can get tossed out of games for this kind of behavior. 

Fan Sneaks Onto Bench

Sometime during Clemson's 23-17 win over Louisville on Saturday, a Clemson fan found his way onto Louisville's bench.

Video of the incident shows the man sitting in the middle of a Louisville defensive huddle.  Clemson's athletics department said in a statement: 

"As an athletic department, the security of our fans and visitors are of the utmost importance, and we will continue to evaluate and reinforce visiting team bench security in future games."

Laser Pointer Shined Into Quarterback Eyes

A powerful and dangerous laser pointer was shined into the eyes of Bills quarterback Kyle Orton and holder Colton Schmidt during this weekend's game. 

ESPN is reporting that the Detroit Lions have banned Mark Beslach, the fan with the pointer, and he was cited for misdemeanor disorderly conduct. 

Beslach isn't the brightest fan. He was caught after bragging about the incident on Twitter. 

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