Guess What Happened To Footballer Bitten By a Stray Dog

It inspired him to score a wonder goal. A stray dog that stumbled onto a football field bit a player – who then went on to score a cracking goal for his team.

The incident took place in Brazil, where Sao Paulo RS hosted Farroupilha. The home side trailed 2-1 when the dog entered the pitch and interrupted play.

This is when Eduardo "Dudu" Mandai decided to carry the lovable pooch off the field. But this is where the story becomes interesting. The four-legged canine didn't like being escorted off the pitch, and retaliated by biting Mandai's hand.

While stories of dog bites, especially by stray dogs, are no joke, this one had a pleasant ending.

Being bitten by the dog might have given Mandai the rush of adrenaline he needed, because he later scored a fantastic match-winning goal for his team. Of course, he didn't forget to credit the dog whose bite made it all happen. He posted a photo of himself with the dog on his Instagram account, with the caption saying "bite of luck."

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