Super Bowl 2013: Thank You Ray Lewis For Letting Me Root For The 49ers

Super Bowl 2013: Who to root for? Even though I live in San Francisco, the Baltimore Ravens were surprisingly tempting. Until I thought about Ray Lewis.

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I am a New York transplant in San Francisco, so last year, when my New York Giants were dispatching the San Francisco 49ers on the way to the Super Bowl, it was fun, but a sort of lonely-at-the-top fun. Now with Super Bowl 2013 just days away, my loyalties are again being tempted by the San Francisco 49ers opponent, the Baltimore Ravens.

There are two reasons for this: one, the Ravens are named after the famous Edgar Allen Poe poem! I was completely obsessed with the Raven in high school to the point that I memorized it without really trying. Also, the Simpsons Halloween Special version of the Raven is one of the finer television moments from my adolescence. Reason two: Brendan Ayanbadejo. He’s an actively pro-gay rights football player, which I find very impressive in such a testosterone-fueled sport.

For someone in the Super Bowl loyalties market, that was going to be hard to beat. But then, like the hero he is, Baltimore Ravens’ lineman Ray Lewis came through in the clutch. Lewis is the most beloved Raven. You are not allowed to root for the Ravens in Super Bowl 2013 or otherwise without rooting for Ray Lewis. And between the allegations that he killed some guy some years ago and the annoying double standard of everyone freaking out this week about A-Rod taking PEDs but no one really caring that so did Ray Lewis, I can now root for my (current) hometown 49ers.

Also, it’s really fun seeing San Francisco go completely nuts.

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