Super Bowl 2014: What To Expect From Denver Broncos And Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl players and coaches settled in for their first full day of Super Bowl mania in the New York area on Monday.

Super Bowl players and coaches settled in for their first full day of Super Bowl mania in the New York area on Monday.

Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carroll told reporters his game plan was draw up a week ago and his team was ready to go.

"I don't mind telling you we installed a game plan last week, which was great for today. We went out today and brought it right back up, and guys knew what was going on, so we have this whole week to repeat it again. That's the San Francisco style. That's a Bill Walsh deal from way back when, and I've used it in all the Bowl games ever since, so that's really what we've done. We'll practice, well cut down a little bit this week just to stay fresh and be really on it, but really all the learning was done before we got here, and now we just continue to polish it up a little bit."

Denver Broncos coach John Fox told reporters his team had played their best football at the close of the season and he felt both teams were ready and at nearly full strength.

"Well, I think there's no question we've played our best football the last month of the season including the last two weeks, so I think that's important. I think the same could be said of Seattle as well. Usually it comes down to the team that executes and plays the best wins the game regardless, and I think that formula will stand true."

Players from the Seahawks offense and the Denver defense were made available to the media on Monday, and were frequently asked what it was like to play in the shadows of their teammates. Sunday's showdown in New Jersey is generally regarded as first and foremost a battle between the Denver offense, helmed by Payton Manning against Seattle's number one ranked defense in the league.

Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate reminded reporters that each team will have to get stellar contributions from all quarters to hoist the Super Bowl trophy.

"We know that in order to win this game, offense is going to have to show up. Defense is going to have to show up, and special teams do too. So, whatever the media wants to say is fine. I plan to be at my best and to help this team win, and give us the best chance I possibly can. It's no secret that the number one defense is going up against the number one offense, so that's going to draw attention naturally."

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