Super Bowl Blackout: CBS Catches Unique Footage Of Control Room During Power Outage

At the moment of the Super Bowl blackout, CBS happened to catch some unplanned footage of the control room.

CBS caught some unique footage of the Superdome control room at the moment of the Super Bowl blackout. The network happened to be conducting an interview about the logistics of Beyonce's halftime show and the cameras caught a unique perspective on the Super Bowl power outage. Moments later we see two officials talking about how bad the situation is. There's some fun industry-speak ("can we give people the PA?" "Do we have access to PA?") and then this great little exchange:

Official: Frank, we lost the A feed.

Frank: What does that mean?

Official: That means that we have to do the bus tie.

Frank: What does that mean?

Official #1: That means about a 20-minute delay.

In a production as highly choreographed as the Super Bowl, it's more interesting to see what happens when things break down than when they go smoothly. CBS got a lucky break to be an interesting spot for the Super Bowl blackout. Next time, give us more raw footage, and less talking over it.

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