Super Bowl XLIX Could Not Have Been More Entertaining

Three events that made Super Bowl's ending the most "awesomest" ever!

Super Bowl

The ending to Super Bowl XLIX was defined by three crazy events. First, there was the out-of-this-world catch by Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse. If it wasn't for his fourth-attempt, gravity-defying grab, the game wouldn't have become the nail biter it did.

See it to believe it:

As expected, Twitter exploded following the play:

If the Seahawks had won it in the end, Kearse and his miraculous grab would've long lived in our memories. Unfortunately, the way things ended, it won't.

Now that we had seen one arguably the best catch in Super Bowl history, it was the turn of certainly the worst play ever with championship on the line. In Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks had the best running back in the game, so it was a no-brainer to let him run it instead of throw – especially when his team was on the 1-yard line. But the Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, for reasons that will haunt him forever, let Russell Wilson throw it.

Richard Sherman's expressions said it all:

And now, the Twittersphere's:

And how about Malcolm Butler? For an undrafted rookie to make an clutch interception at the grandest of stages, it's stuff that happens in movies. Not even a Hollywood scriptwriter could've written than any better.

If that wasn't entertaining enough for you, the two teams then threw in a brawl to wrap up what was one of the most entertaining Super Bowls in recent history:

Add to it DeflateGate and Lynch's media shenanigans, and it becomes the most "awesomest" and entertaining Super Bowls ever.

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