Swiss Man Nails The Tight Rope Record

Warning: Don't try this at home. That's great, but we'll watch from over here ...

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Freddy Nock from Switzerland just broke the high wire record. 

Nock broke the record by walking 3,532 meters above ground on a single tight rope, according to Awwnews.comThat's nearly 12,000 feet high. Taller than several mountain peaks in the U.S, and four times higher than the Burj Khalifa. 

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Now, picture that height, two miles off the ground, on a tight rope-connected between two mountains in the Swiss Alps – one being the Piz Prievlus, the highest one in the Eastern Alps.

The rope itself was 347 meters long, with a diameter less than 2 centimeters. 

Nock broke the Guinness World Record for his walk, beating Philippe Petit, who walked between the Twin Towers in 1974. That was only 411 meters high, so it might be a while before anyone even attempts to break Freddy Nock's record.

Congratulations, Freddy!

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