Watch Ski Jumper Simon Ammann's Horrific 136-Meter Crash

The accident left the veteran skier unconscious and bloodied.

simon ammann crash

Swiss ski jumper and four-time Olympic Champion Simon Ammann suffered a horrific crash at the end of a 136-meter jump at Four Hills Tour on Tuesday.

Austria's Stefan Kraft was the overall winner of the prestigious ski jumping tournament, whose four events provided several notable moments, including the horrific crash of Ammann.

The 33-year-old was hoping for an improved display in the second round after finishing only eighth in the first go-round, and that's when the graphic accident took place.

Ammann had landed safely from 136-meter jump but couldn't maintain his balance and fell face-first on the surface. It became instantly clear that his injury was a nasty one as blood poured down his face while his motionless body descended down the hill's slope.

simon ammann

Paramedics came soon after and treated the injured Ammann who was all bloodied up and still unconscious from the fall. He was later stretchered off and rushed to the hospital, although there is no other update on his condition.

While ski jumping looks fun and is easy on the eyes, its accidents are often followed by serious injuries and even fatalities. Just last year, Canadian freeskiier skier JP Auclair lost his life in a skiing accident near the Argentina–Chile border.

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