NFL Mascot Takes A Detour, Lands On a Fan's Head

Seattle Seahawks fans watched Sunday night's game with an actual sea hawk – which made itself quite comfortable on one man's head.

Mascots sporting large, colorful costumes of their team's symbolic identity are a common sight in North American sports. But the Seattle Seahawks' mascot doesn't need a costume to entertain people – because it’s the actual thing!

Taima the Hawk is an actual sea hawk, and it has a set ritual of flying above the home fans whenever the Seahawks play at CenturyLink Field. It usually takes a laps before going back to its handler. But on Sunday the bird ditched its routine landing and decided to watch the game with the fans.

True in his loyalty to the team, Taima landed nonchalantly on the back of a fan's head, which ended up causing a stir of excitement. Of course, the raptor meant no harm and just wanted to enjoy the Super Bowl champions inflicting a 38-17 pounding on the New York Giants.

The fan whose head provided Taima a landing site also seemed unperturbed. In fact, he let Taima use his head as its perch and even patted it once it got settled. What a good mascot he’s turning out to be! 

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