Terrifying! Why Does This NFL Player Wear Red Contacts?

Mario Williams is a defensive end for the Buffalo Bills - with vampire like eyes.

Mario Williams is 6-foot-6 and 290 pounds. He's pretty scary already! 

But he's upped the scare factor recently with creepy red contact lens. Spotted on the sidelines, most of the players on the field don't see his eyes, blocked by his visor. 

So why wear them at all? 

“It makes me feel like I’m behind a wall,” said Williams. “It’s a psyche thing for me.”

Sports performance lenses have been worn by other athletes help improve vision in less-than-perfect weather and lighting conditions. But Williams’ lenses aren't for sight correction, they just add a slight red tint to whatever he sees. 

“It’s nothing about my performance,” he said. “But it’s like wearing a mask without wearing a mask. It’s had a great effect on me,” says Williams. 

His team, the Buffalo Bills, has a record of 5-5, 3rd in AFC Eastern Division. Fans don't seem to care about his eyes. 

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