Watch The Best FIFA Goal Ever Scored In EA Sports History

Even Zlatan Ibrahimovic would have a hard time replicating this FIFA 15 goal.

We're sure that you're fed up with these so-called "best ever" or "most amazing" FIFA goals. We are too!

An animated player dribbling past the entire opposing defense and finishing is so boring and so FIFA 2004, but those game nerds keep on pushing their mediocre virtual strikes in our faces.

If, despite harboring these general negative thoughts about FIFA 15 goals, we have chosen to share one, it has to be amazing. And it is.

This FIFA 2015 goal is so fantastic, it's almost unreal.

In the video above, you can see an inexplicably bald Marcelo finishing off Cristiano Ronaldo's rabona free kick with an overhead scorpion kick from 30 yards out.

That's difficulty level: Zlatan Ibrahimovic! Only the big Swede could ever think of pulling off this sort of madness in real life.

Suffice to say that this is the best and the most difficult FIFA goal in the history of EA's football gaming franchise.

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