This Is What Internet Trolls Won't Tell You About Derrick Rose

It's sickening to see how one of the greatest modern point guards is treated online.

Derrick Rose

The Internet has become an ocean of fickle-minded people who don't pass up on even half a chance to troll someone. One mistake or a blip can turn a person’s online identity from glory to the gutter.

A perfect case in point is NBA superstar Derrick Rose.

The Chicago Bulls ace, when fit, is the game's best point guard and the most explosive basketball player on his day. In addition to his extraordinary on-court talent, the man has always been a model professional, yet he is known on the Internet as the permanently crocked ball player who blew his knee and went on to miss several return dates.

A simple Google search for his name would show how he became the butt of all injury-related jokeseven though his ACL injury wasn't his own doing.

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose

What was ignored was that Rose suffered his injury on a basketball court and not while indulging in some off-court shenanigans. What is also little-known is that Rose is arguably the most athletic player in the NBA, who puts so much pressure on his body in a single move that the normal keyboard warriors don't in years.

He finally returned this off-season and is a part of the U.S.A. Basketball squad for the upcoming World Cup. His critics were left disappointed when his performances in scrimmage and last week's tune-up against Brazil were reminiscent of his pre-injury days. A slight bump in the road came on Wednesday night when he had to sit out the exhibition game against the Dominican Republic because of sore knees.

As expected, the trolls are sharpening their knives and are ready to go at a moment's notice. For those guys, this is a reminder of what D-Rose is really all about:

He is the youngest winner of the NBA Most Valuable Player Award

Derrick Rose

The Only Man Of His Size Who Can Do This to LeBron James

This is how he fared in one of the recent scrimmages

When he goes up for a dunk, he truly soars...

Derrick Rose

A thing about his defense

Derrick Rose

His MVP speech is perhaps the greatest ever

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