New York Knicks Are Now 5-34 And The Butt Of All Jokes

Here are some of the best jokes cracked at the hapless New York Knicks' expense.

The new york knicks

With a superstar like Carmelo Anthony on board for five more seasons, the New York Knicks were supposed to contend for the NBA championship.

They sure are contending, but not for a ring – for the NBA's worst record.

The Knicks are 5-34 so far this season and haven't won since Thanksgiving. And the way they're playing, it seems their franchise-worst 14-game losing streak will only get longer.

It's needless to say they've become a laughing stock and the butt of all jokes NBA these past few weeks. In case, you've missed out on all the fun that the Internet has had at the Knicks' expense, scroll down:

The NY Knicks are so bad, their fans don't want to show their faces anymore.

The NY Knicks

And why would they? Their team has been as good as garbage.

The NY Knicks

Just look at them all huddled up during a time-out:

The NY Knicks

They even made this kid lose faith in Santa.

The NY Knicks

And Poor Carmelo is like:

Poor Carmelo

That's Melo thinking about that offer he had from the Bulls


Coach Derek Fisher definitely deserves some blame:

Coach Derek Fisher

After all, the Knicks "D" has just disappeared under Fisher:


Trading their Smith was supposed to lift the curse, but...


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