The Nets' New Hat Cost As Much as 17 Game Tickets

If you love representing your team, now you can do it by dropping a ton of cash.

Brooklyn Nets Hat For Sale That Costs $695

Some people go to great lengths to show their love for their team. Now, Brooklyn Nets fans can purchase a hat that is nearly $700. 

You heard correctly, a hat, costing $695, is actually available.

As Jay-Z, said, "I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can," and now you can make a Nets hat more famous than Jay-Z or a Net can.

So, why is this hat so expensive, you may ask?

Well, the hat, made by the luxury sportswear company Just Don is not an ordinary hat. Made for the All-Star game that just passed, it's sewn from a special python leather, has the Nets logo, the All-Star logo, and stars embroidered throughout the hat, as well as "Mitchell and Ness" sewn on the back. For $695, it better be really nice, and it is. 

The hat can be purchased at the Barney's online store. However, if you happen to be a Nets fan living in California, the hat unfortunately cannot be shipped to you. Bummer.

The hat is also available for Knicks fans, as well as in plain colors without NBA logos, if you happen to just like expensive hats.

Next time you go to Brooklyn Nets game, don't be that guy wearing an ordinary 59Fifty Nets hat. Be that guy with the $695 Just Don hat.

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