These Might Be The Ugliest Uniforms In Sports History

Suzanne Robertson
There are iconic and beloved sports uniforms. Then there are these.

It's sports season! Teams make millions of dollars from selling merchandise and a lot of thought goes into new designs...sometimes. Check out the helmet above! These are turkey footprints (feet prints? claw prints?) on helmets of Virginia Tech football players. Gobble, gobble! Pass the stuffing! We've got 10 more cringe-worthy uniforms below. Did we leave any out? 

1) When you think of a powerful sports team, do you think of....grey? Probably not! The new Celtic uniforms are getting a uniform "thumbs down" from fans. 

2) We know why this hockey player looks so sad...stripes!

3) More stripes! These hockey players need to head to the penalty box for the whole dizzying uniform.



4) Arrrg me maties - time to walk the plank! In addition to the giant logo, what's up with the sleeves? 



5) Why do I suddenly want a bowl of Lucky Charms? 




6) The Los Angeles Kings have won the coveted Stanley Cup twice in the past three years. But this jersey makes us think of Burger King. Fries anyone? 

7) Bright yellow. Sigh. Why do so many teams think bright yellow is a good way to go? And those shorts...shudder. 


8) US Soccer team's "Where's Waldo" uniforms are red, white, blue and horrible. 

9) This '97 Raptors jersey makes us want to watch Jurrasic Park this weekend. What's up with the shoes on the dino



10) Another patriotic entry! Oh say can you see..this ugly uniform? This is surley NOT what Betsy Ross had in mind when she created the flag of the good old U. S. of A