Let Thierry Henry Convince You Why Premier League Is The Best In World

Premier League...the greatest professional league in all sports, hands down.

It may not have a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Lionel Messi, but those who follow it know perfectly well that the Barclays Premier League is head and shoulders above the rest of professional football leagues.

The colorful BPL's history and passion for the Beautiful Game is why it's among the most popular and lucrative leagues in all sports. But those who remain unconvinced with its power should simply watch Thierry Henry's new promo for Sky Sports.

In just a minute and a half, the Frenchman sums up our beloved league's highest and most memorable points. What's more, he casually incorporates himself in all those highlight videos via some rather neat editing.

The result is one of the best promo videos ever made in the history of sports broadcasting. So if you love the PL, you better watch it.