She Terrifies Competitors In The Boxing Ring And She's Only 15

She's so good, nobody wants to face her.

Sing J. Lee has shot this gorgeous promo for Molly Perkins. At age 15, Perkins is "the youngest Midlands Boxing Champion and now the first female to gain a place in South Leicestershire prestigious Sporting Excellence Academy," according to the video's description.

Perkins, who is British, told the Leamington Courier, "My main plan this year is to win the national female championships which start later this year, be number one in England and box internationally next year, which is looking like a real possibility."

In the video, Perkins says that she boxed once in December and then didn't get to box again until October. With only one fight a year, she's got to make it count. And anyone who's seen her knows she's not going down without a fight.

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