Thousands Of Boston Fans Sing National Anthem In Unison Before Bruins Games Vs Sabres (VIDEO)

The game between Boston Bruins and Buffalo Sabres that took place on Wednesday among severe security was the first sporting event held in Boston after the horrific Boston Marathon explosions and was naturally expected to be strongly emotional.

Before the game, blue and yellow ribbons were projected on the ice floor and then Rene Rancourt began singing the "Star-Spangled Banner" which turned out to be very beautiful and special as thousands of fans in TD Garden joined their voices to create a moment that would be remembered for a lifetime.

They joined Rancourt and then kept singing while wiping their tears. Their united voices got so loud that Rancourt had to put down his microphone.

The moment was utterly heartwarming and makes you teary eyed. When you think that no good can now be done, this solidarity brings the hope back.

Watch one of the most heartwarming renditions of the national anthem in the video above.

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