Female Rugby Player Nicknamed 'KO' Is A Tackle Nightmare For Opponents

This rugby-playing warrior doesn't hit – she knocks people out.

Female Rugby

Tianna Camous is a female rugby player from Missouri's Lindenwood University who is known as KO for her ferocious tackling technique.

Do you find it hard to believe that a woman from the U.S. can have a nickname like that for the way she hits? Check the video below to know why Camous' intimidating moniker is fully justified.

Not only does she hit hard, she has exceptional technique for a woman. Actually, she has exceptional technique, period.

Man, woman, cyborg – when KO's on the loose, no one wants to be in her way. It makes sense too, because Camous, when not taking down women on a rugby field, apparently also wrestles at the collegiate level.

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