Tiger Woods $54.5 Million Home Slowly Sinking Into The Ground

Tiger Woods’ $54.5 million dollar home on an island off the coast of Florida is sinking into the ground.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ $54.5 million dollar home on an island off the coast of Florida is sinking into the ground. The home, which aerial photos show is as gratuitous as you would imagine even before you factor in that Woods’ backyard is a private golf course, was purchased in 2011. Now only two years later, Woods and girlfriend Lindsay Vonn noticed that doors scraped against the floor when they opened them, and cracks were appearing along the walls. Woods has hired contractors to insert helical piles into the structure to stabilize the home and prevent it from dropping into the Atlantic Ocean.

TMZ reports that the problem is currently limited to the dining room, which we can safely assume is the size of several San Francisco apartments. The home is on Jupiter Island, a narrow peninsula along Florida’s east coast. It is apparently not uncommon for homes in the area to sink into the ground, and the problem can be rectified through some construction work.

“You are talking about a very heavy structure in a very wet area,” Steve Supplee, an owner of a Florida construction company told TCPalm. Steve Supplee is not connected with any construction work on Woods’ house.

“And in Florida, almost all homes settle to some degree.”

Tiger Woods home sinking toward the Atlantic both underlies the conundrum of Florida—lost of luxury homes in a wetlands that is routinely battered by extreme weather, and easy symbolism into the trials and tribulations of Woods, who is rebuilding his reputation after his steely gaze was broken by revelations about many affairs he had while married to his ex-wife. This woe, however, Woods can likely contract out of existence for what amounts to pocket change.

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