Footballer Knocks Out Teammate With Celebratory Headbutt

Toledo's John Stepec is a teammate's worst nightmare.

Celebratory headbutts are pretty common in football and they look pretty fun too – unless it totally flattens someone.

This happened in GoDaddy Bowl between Toledo and Arkansas State on Sunday when Rockets defensive end John Stepec got super pumped up following a tackle on a kickoff.

Two of his teammates somehow absorbed his ensuing headbutts, but defensive tackle Treyvon Hester couldn't. The power behind Stepec's blow came so hard that Hestor couldn't maintain his balance and went to the ground.

The thing to note here is that as per Bleacher Report, Stepec is 6'3 and weighs 245 pounds, while Hester is even bigger at 6'4 and 300 pounds. Still, he was no match for Stepec's exuberant post-tackle celebration.

Apparently, it wasn't a one-off incident. Stepec has a habit of going hard on his buddies.

As one of his teammates later showed, a typical Stepec headbutt does this sort of damage:

Stepec's response? This:

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