Tom Brady Set To Be Suspended For His Part In DeflateGate

Tom Terrific could end up missing half of the 2015/16 NFL regular season.

Tom Brady

A day after the Wells report came out, Tom Brady faced the media. The fans were hoping that the four-time Super Bowl champ would speak his mind about the recent Wells report, which incriminated him in the infamous DeflateGate saga of last season.

But he sidestepped the issue by simple saying: "I don't have really any reaction," he told sports reporter Jim Gray. "Our owner commented on it yesterday. It's only been 30 hours so I haven't had much time to digest it fully but when I do I'll be sure to let you know how I feel about it.

"There's still a (NFL disciplinary) process that's going forth right now, and I'm involved in that process, whenever it happens it happens, and I'll certainly want to be very comfortable in how I feel about the statements that I make."

And now, there are strong rumors circulating that claim the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will suspend Tom Brady next week for his part in DeflateGate. As per Mike Giardi of CSN New England, the question isn't whether Brady will or will not be suspended. His sources have led him to believe that the Patriots have resigned to Brady being hit with a suspension and now they're hoping that the length of his punishment isn't too long.

At this point, the Pats will happily settle for a two-game ban, although Giardi's says they fear the NFL may want to make an example out of Brady and may slap him with a hefty eight-game ban. If that happens, Brady will become the most high-profile to be handed such a punishment in the NFL's 96-year history.

While Brady will continue to remain a hero to his fans, it is disheartening to see that a superstar and a supremely talented athlete like him had to seek unfair advantages to propel his side to a win. It's not just Brady either. In the past decade, we have seen a number of A-list sportsmen indulge in illegal activities to beat their competition. Alex Rodriguez was a good enough player on his own, but the desire for that little extra got him disgraced. Lance Armstrong was another similar case, and who has forgotten Marion Jones?

It seems almost every sport has had several of its top athletes resort to unfair means to bag the elusive success. Perhaps the fame and monetary gains that come with being an elite level sportsman are too much to resist for these guy? Or does the media and public pressure forces them to take this route? Whatever it is, the importance of fair play is lost on today's sports stars, and it's time they're taught that their 'cheat-to-win' is not healthy for their sport.                                                                 

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