That's So Canadian! Watch Toronto Fans Sing U.S. Anthem At NHL Game

Wow. Those Canucks are the coolest sports fans ever.

Toronto Maple Leafs just proved they are the best hosts in the entire NHL – or even all sports.

Not only did they let the visiting Nashville Predators beat them 9-2 at Air Canada Centre on Tuesday, their fans also completed their opponents' national anthem when the anthem singer got cut.

Yes, a bunch of Canadians in Toronto sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” on live TV before seeing their hometown team take a brutal beating.

Their gesture didn't go unnoticed as Americans in general, and Predators fans in particular, took to Twitter to appreciate what they saw.

In times when the platform of sports is often used to make political statements, fuel fake rivalries and promote overall despicable behavior, it's nice to see levelheaded fans like Maple Leafs'.

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