Kevin Durant 'Can't Watch' Trend Takes Over Twitter

May, 15, 2014: The internet is making Kevin Durant pay for not watching teammate Russell Westbrook's free throws in the Thunder's Game 5 win over the Clippers.

This is now a regular thing. Sports stars do weird stuff on court and the internet goes wild, making memes and funny photoshopped images of those scenes.

So when the NBA's newly crowned MVP Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder turned his back on the action in the final seconds of the crucial 104-102 win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday, it was just a matter of time before creative heads made something funny out of that too. They obliged to the fad, and the end result is extremely hilarious.

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Check these out:

While this is all good fun, some fans are genuinely not happy with the Thunder superstar for what he did. Their point is that if he can't even watch it when the game is on the line, how will he deliver when the going gets tough in the Conference finals, and eventually The Finals.

It's a genuine concern because if there is one thing that KD hasn't accomplished in his flourishing career,

it is performing against the very best in seven game series. If they get a fourth win over the Clippers, then next up for them will be the San Antonio Spurs. Unlike KD and company, they thrive in the Playoffs. Both of the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers are known bullies too. Hence, Durant could use a little toughening up about now.

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