Kobe Bryant Twitter Fight Almost Turns Into Real-Life Street Brawl On Christmas Day

One sports fan wastes his time, money and energy on Christmas to fight with another man who said something bad about Kobe Bryant.

While the entire Christian world was busy sharing the love of Christmas, one Twitter user was out making a 35-minute drive to Temecula, California, just so he could settle scores with another numbnut over an argument stemming from their differing opinions about Kobe Bryant and basketball.

The whole thing started with this:

The trash talking continue for a while before one accused the other of not being a "real n*gga." The row that started over Kobe had now gotten personal. And @MyTweetsRealAF wasn't impressed with @SnottieDrippen questioning his realness. So:

The challenge was accepted:

While Internet tiffs rarely escalate into real-life fights, @MyTweetsRealAF was serious. So serious that he actually drove to Temecula and posted pictures to prove he was there:

Unfortunately, a fight did not take place as @SnottieDrippen claimed in a separate conversation with another user that he wasn't in Temecula at the time even though he himself had invited @MyTweetsRealAF for what would have been a street fight.

So while @SnottieDrippen did chicken out, he at least made @MyTweetsRealAF waste both his time and gas over a stupid petty argument.

Twitter never lets go of an opportunity for a bit of fun, so:

It's hard to give a conclusion to this story because these guys are probably still squabbling. Check out their Twitter feeds to know more.

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