UFC's Anthony Johnson Threw A Woman Off Her Yoga Mat For Nothing

Misogynistic jerks like Anthony "Rumble" Johnson are giving MMA a bad name.

MMA proponents have long argued that a fighter's day job, which is to beat the living daylights out of his opponent, doesn't intrude into their daily lives.

And in most cases, they are right – just look at fighters like Daniel Cormier, Ronda Rousey and Cain Velasquez, who are totally cool cats and nonviolent outside the octagon.

But then there are also guys like Anthony "Rumble" Johnson who go on to fuel arguments that MMA fighters are wild beasts that common folks should stay clear of in the real world too.

The 6'2, light heavyweight contender, who has been accused of domestic battery by several of his girlfriends, took to Facebook yesterday to gloat about getting the better of a woman in a fight at their gym.

In the long, misogynistic rant, which has since been deleted, Johnson wrote:

Anthony rumble

Even though the post was deleted, Johnson's groupies soon started defending him despite knowing of his previous violent confrontations with women.

Bleacher Report's Jonathan Snowden provided some snapshots which proved that Johnson did in fact throw a woman off her yoga mat at their gym and probably threatened to do even more, though Johnson denies it now, fearing social media backlash.

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