That’s Embarrassing! UFC Fighter Gets His Butt Kicked In Bar Brawl

An ordinary man gives a UFC fighter a taste of his own medicine.

No matter how often a professional fighter gets his butt whopped inside the ring, the one thing expected from him is not to get beat up in a bar brawl.

But UFC fighter Cody “The Renegade” Gibson was shoved and punched in the face by an ordinary – although much bigger – man in Las Vegas on September 27.

In a newly leaked TMZ video, Gibson can be seen involved in a heated argument with an unidentified man. Gibson is first sent tumbling backward by his opponent’s shove before he gets back up and brags of his fighting background to discourage the man from taking the altercation any further.

But the MMA fighter’s “Google me, b---h” warning was pay no heed by the other man who moments later proceeded to plant a huge punch on Gibson’s face.

Gibson got back up and grappled his attacker to the ground before bystanders intervened and broke it up. The man had managed to deliver another blow to Gibson’s back during the scuffle that rounded up a miserable night for the 27-year-old.

To be fair, Gibson was in a fight inside the octagon just hours before this one so he might’ve been a little spent. Sill, to go down like this against a non-fighter without reciprocating is a tad embarrassing.

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