Luis Suarez: The Baddest Man in Soccer

June 10, 2014: The man is half footballer, half pure evil!

Soccer star Luis Suarez, who will be Uruguay's biggest attacking threat at the upcoming 2014 World Cup, is notorious for his bizarre antics on the field of play.

As genius as he is with the ball at his feet, Suarez’s talent sometimes gets overshadowed by the evil bone(s) inside him. In just a few seasons of mainstream football, this 27-year-old has racked up a generation's worth of controversies – all by himself.


Suarez's first documented moment of madness came when he was only 15 and playing for Nacional. Unhappy with the ref's decision, the then Nacional striker headbutted the official and got himself sent off.


Although his talent was unquestionable, he nearly threw away his career because of his fondness for drinking and partying.


He hit rock bottom when his girlfriend Sofia Balbi moved to Spain and he was forced to work as a street sweeper, with the hope of saving enough money for a plane ticket to Europe. Lady luck finally smiled upon him when FC Groningen signed him for €800,000.


In his sole season for Pride of the North, he showed both his talent as well as his vice. In one five-game stretch in January 2007, he scored four goals but received three yellow cards and one red card.


In 2010, Suarez bit PSV midfielder Otman Bakkal on the shoulder, for which De Telegraaf branded him the “Cannibal of Ajax”.


Suarez deliberately handled a goal-bound shot in extra time of the 2010 World Cup quarterfinal against Ghana. He was sent off, but the resultant penalty kick was missed, and Uruguay ended up going to the semi-finals. He was instantly branded a villain and a cheat for that move.


He used the N-word for Manchester United defender Patrice Evra five times during a Barclays Premier League encounter, for which he was given an eight-game suspension and a £40,000 fine.


Having racially abused the Frenchman, Suarez then had the audacity to snub the victim's handshake offer when Liverpool and Manchester United met next.


The carnivore in him reared its ugly head (and fangs) again when he bit Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic on his arm in April 2013.


The next time they met, Suarez winked at the Serbian, who obviously didn't find the humor in the gesture.

Suarez is currently nursing an injury but is expected to be fit in time for the World Cup. Let's hope he does because despite everything, he is one the most exciting talents in the game. Without him, the big one in Brazil would be a lot duller.

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