You Don't Have To Like Volleyball To Love This Incredible Kick Save

Didn't think volleyball could produce a highlight play like this, did you?

It's not often that a non-mainstream sport produces a highlight play that impresses even those who don't usually follow it. But on the rare occasions it does happen, the play is something truly spectacular. This is what happened in a volleyball match between Canada and Mexico at the ongoing Pan Am Games.

During an exchange, the Canadians were all set to lose a point when Steven Marshall faced the task of tracking the ball, which was so astray it was going over the advertising boards. Instead of giving it up, he chased it and with no other option at his disposal he was forced to volley it back with his left foot.

He kept alive the point, which his team won eventually and mesmerized every single soul in the arena with that fantastic bit of skill.

Fortunately, the Canucks didn't let that dream play go to waste. They went on to beat their opponents three sets to none.

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