Bullfighter Gets Taste Of Her Own Medicine As Raging Bull Wounds Her Twice

So what exactly is the point of this barbaric blood sport?


A raging bull gored a female bullfighter who was trying to kill him in a Mexico City bullring on Sunday – not once, but twice!

When aspiring matador Karla de los Angeles entered the field at the Plaza de Toros de Mexico, her task was to slay the 1,090-pound bull named Gamusino. A few seconds into the standoff, the angry bull lifted de los Angeles on her back and bounced her off his horns multiple times.

The crowd looked on in horror as she was manhandled by the gargantuan bull. After finally freeing herself, de los Angeles was seen lying on her back and grimacing in pain. According to BBC, the painful ordeal resulted in 4.7-inch- and 3.9-inch-deep gashes on her thigh and gluteal muscles.

Following a brief medical timeout, de los Angeles reentered the bullring to try and kill Gamusino for a second time, but he got the better of her again.

In addition, he also injured Federico Dominguez, de los Angeles' assistant, before jumping over the ring and attacking three more people. All of the three injured are in the hospital with one in critical condition.

Later on, she told Picture Radio: "I'm sad because I could not cut off an ear and I could not kill a second bull. It was [a very bloody run], there were many mishaps, thank God, so far as it goes, we're fine. You have to accept it as it is, to recover and what comes."


While it's easier to feel bad for the injured mother of one and label the bull as a violent beast, it's time for a reality check. Gamusino was only trying to save his own life when he inflicted those rather graphic injuries on de los Angeles. The bigger question really is why such a barbaric blood sport is still proudly played in this day and age.


Not only is bullfighting cruel to the animals, it also often results in gruesome injuries for the bullfighters. At the end of each fight, there is either a slain bull or a seriously injured torero (bullfighter).

Violence in sports is often defended due to its entertainment value, but when a sport is as gory as bullfighting, there is little that even the staunchest sports fans can say to defend bullfighting.

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