Watch The Fastest Knock Out In MMA History

The KO, the celebration and the brawl, in the blink of an eye. It's almost too good to be true.

We've all seen more than our fair share of overenthusiastic MMA fighters. They rush out of the gate to prove they're hard and end up paying the price.

This happened again at a fight in a semi-pro Japanese MMA organization called "The Outsiders." As always, one fighter literally ran toward his opponent as soon as the bell rang. But the other man was well prepared for the onslaught. With a single right hand, he floored the onrushing idiot. The fight was over in less than a second.

To make the highlight reel even more awesome, the winning fighter celebrated with a somersault. Like that wasn't enough, then came a bunch of people into the ring and started an all-out brawl. Perhaps they were friends of the fighter who had made a fool of himself.

All this action packed in a small sequence doesn't sound right, and as per Redditor Sukosati, "The Outsider" is known for putting up these sorts of shows:

"The promotion is called 'The Outsider,' which is a semi-pro MMA organization in Japan which pits society's 'outsiders' ( Yakuza-connected youth, bike-gang members, etc.) vs. seemingly normal office worker/ student types who happen to train MMA part-time.

"The result here saw the gang-member type (who are usually, counter to your average Japanese person, comically aggressive and rude) rush in and get put to sleep. The ensuing rush of idiots to the ring is not unusual for this kind of event. In fact, it is almost expected and serves as a bizarre kind of side-show entertainment."

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