Watch Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Commercial That Only Aired In Three Cities

Will Ferrell teamed up with Old Milwaukee on a viral marketing campaign. The result is one bizarre Super Bowl commercial that only aired in 3 cities.

Which sounds like a better use of money: tens of millions of dollars spent on airing a national Super Bowl commercial, or a fraction of that for a commercial that only airs in three cities, but has a good chance of going viral due to a bunch of blogger chumps reposting it? Old Milwaukee, with an assist from Will Ferrell, are trying strategy #2. Ferrell apparently approached Old Milwaukee's parent company, Pabst Brewing Co., about doing a series of spots, because he's a big fan of the beer. He is, if reports are true, working for free.

This is one of those increasingly common uses of celebrities in ads, where the joke is that the celebrity is in the ad. The man on the bus making out with the middle-aged lady could have been anyone, but it's funnier just because it's Will Ferrell.

Super Bowl viewers in Glendive, Mont., Sherman, Texas; and Ardmore, Okla. (a combined population of 68,190) were treated to this spectacle, the rest of us are left to find it on the internet. Interestingly (to me anyway), that makes it two Super Bowl ads that consist primarily of a one-shot close-up of two people making out. New trend in advertising? I thought both ads were weirdly brilliant, but I hope not.

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