Boxer Pleads With Ref To Stop The Fight And Save Overmatched Opponent

He probably felt bad for pounding his defenseless opponent and didn't want to cause any long-term damage.

Boxing authorities really need to stop sanctioning fights that are a total mismatch or at least make sure the ref intervenes when it becomes clear one fighter can no longer defend himself.

Both these things were ignored in a heavyweight match between Willis Meehan and Leamy Tato in New Zealand. Meehan was far bigger, faster, younger and stronger than Tato. The two shouldn't have been fighting in the first place. However, the fight was allowed to take place, and as expected, Meehan immediately launched a barrage of punches on Tato.

Just a couple of seconds into Round 2, Tato was copping punches by the dozens without even a hint of reply, yet the ref was a mere spectator. Maybe, he was waiting for the fight to last at least a few rounds to give the fans their money's worth. Or maybe he was an utterly incompetent official who had no regard for the fighter's health.

At one point a few drops of Tato's blood even hit the camera lens behind him, which shows how brutal a pounding he was taking. Finally, it reached a point where Meehan begged the ref to stop the fight so he could end his poor opponent's misery.

“Stop the fucking fight!” he screamed before the ref finally came to his senses.

Meehan needs to be applauded here for not looking for a more brutal KO finish. Some fighters might have chased that perfect ending by unleashing more and more punches, but not Meehan. He succeeded where the ref failed. This again reiterates the point that competitors in combat sport are not necessarily savages. They too have a heart and they too care for others' wellbeing.

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