10 Futuristic Google Products That Could Change Your Life

There’s no two ways about the supremacy of Google and its brilliant innovations. These futuristic products are sure to blow your mind away with the things they can do.

Google is the constant leader in dreaming up some of the best technological innovations. These 10 products are sure to leave you awestruck once you realize the possibilities they bring along with them.

1: Project Loon 

Project Loon

Despite how common access to wireless Internet has become today, there are still many parts of the world that do not have this facility. Google, thus, plans to launch balloons that will be sent out into these areas, giving out wireless internet in its surroundings.


2: Army of Robots

Army of Robots

Google reportedly bought a number of robotics companies that will soon be working on robots with full-fledged emotions and even entire armies of robots.


3: Calico


Moreover, Google is also now working on a plan for human immortality in the long run. The company partnered with Dr. Arthur Levinson, CEO of Calico – a Google-backed startup – and is now working on methods to slow down aging for humans to the bare minimum.


4: Google Contact Lens

Google Contact Lens

This contact lens is one of its kind since its prime function is to keep a track of blood sugar levels, all without having to draw blood from the diabetic patient's body.


5: Liftware


The main feature of this utensil is that it is self-leveling which makes it an indispensable tool for Parkinson’s patients.


6: Lunar XPRIZE


If you are not yet impressed with all the innovations Google is coming up with, remember the tech giant also started working on space exploration and bought an airfield at NASA. The development and testing phases are currently underway.


7:  Makani


This project involves building wind turbines in the sky to produce electricity without taking up space on the surface.


8: Project Ara

Project Ara

As if the possibilities Google provided through its apps aren't exciting enough, the tech behemoth is developing the first modular phone that will be totally customizable. You can even change the way your phone looks even on a daily basis.


9: Project Tango

Project Tango

Google is on a 3D mapping craze to make Google Maps as precise as possible. This will help users determine their exact location and make moving around the world much easier.


10: Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving cars

Google has already sent out a few samples of these cars onto the roads, and soon such vehicles will replace manually driven cars. They seem to have become instantly popular and are leading to great success for the company.

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