19 Year Old Finds Cheap Alternative To Prosthetic Arms

This teen will help so many amputees in need. Easton LaChappelle has been captivated by the idea of making a robotic arm since he met a 7 year old girl born without her right arm.

Her prosthetic arm cost $80,000, and LaChappelle wanted to find a way that people could have use of their limbs, without spending a fortune.

When he was 14, LaChappelle began experimenting with creating a robotic hand  that could be used lilke a real limb, using everyday objects to build it, including LEGOs, engines from toy airplanes, and fishing line.

Eventually, LaChappelle kept perfecting his model, adding an old Nintendo glove with sensors to the robot, which would help the user of the arm have the same control they would have with a normal hand. 

During all this, LaChappelle got in touch with a popluar Youtube user, Jeremy Blum, who helped LaChappelle wire the glove so that it could communicate wirelessly with the hand.

Blum and LaChappelle developed a close relationship, in which Blum helped LaChappelle with coding, printing, and everything a high-schooler would need to perfect a perfect idea.

LaChappelle has presented his robotic arm at many science fairs, and even shook Mr. Obama's hand with it.

Now the robotic arm is ready to go, being able to perform solely on a person's thoughts. And guess what? His latest version of the arm only costs $350, and you can learn how to do built it all by yourself on his website,  according to Garbimba.

This is a breakthrough in the world of science, technology, and prosthetics that will help amputees live a normal life without having to spend an 'arm and a leg'.  

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