10 Ways Science Rocked Our World In 2014

Science has always been awesome, but in 2014 it was #winning many times over.

Science has always been a busy body, but in 2014 it was beyond awesome. Either it was making medical breakthroughs or rediscovering recently undiscovered planets such as dear ol’ Pluto. We keep getting better and better in the world of science and technology. And in 2014, there were plenty of times where scientific endeavors made the world a better place to live in.  

With the right minds, science has a perpetually peaking learning curve. Here are the best moments that came out of the past year, helping humans understand a lot more about this world and the universe beyond.

1) A robotic arm and hand that can feel:

robotic arm

Twenty years of research paid off when Dustin Tyler's lab at Case Western Reserve University made it possible for amputees wearing prosthetics to feel.

2) One autism myth debunked:

autism myth debunked

Turns out, there’s no link between the myth that believes in a high correlation between children getting vaccinated and being diagnosed with autism. So get your kids vaccinated as you usually would, please!

3) Russian geckos bravely went where a few men have been before:

Five Russian lizards, space geckos or what have you, were launched outside of earth to mate. They did not survive the trip back home, but it’s pretty cool that they got to go in the first place, isn’t it? Too many shag jokes have been made about this but the good news is that we know it hasn’t affected the space-time-continuum of epic stories.

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And if you thought tiny lizards being naughty in space was cool…

4) Man may actually possibly go where no man has gone before – a comet!

the brunt of many jokes

Though this too was the brunt of many jokes, the successful landing of Philae on an actual comet as part of the Rosetta mission made headlines all over international media. Now, we’ve just got to get an actual man there...

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5) Science proved many little boys and girls right, kissing comes with cooties:

kissing comes with cooties

You can indeed get cooties from the other sex,  especially when you smooch them. A study came out proving that kissing transfers up to 80 million bacteria.

6) Men actually ARE stupid:


Yes, this was actually scientifically proven with a study to boot. It’s funny how a lot of things that are being proved are things that we have long suspected to be true.

7) Penguins inspired science to master the art of disguise:


Really now, this is so silly it automatically becomes awesome. Scientists discovered that the best way to study those adorable creatures was to become one with them. So they got a robot disguised as a penguin to help study them. Thankfully, no Benedict Cumberbatches were traumatized in the making.

8) Transplant surgery was taken to another level:

Transplant surgery

Transplant surgery made use of a heart that had stopped beating. And hallelujah, it worked! This means a lot of the heartache (no pun intended) for donor patients and families of donors may be a much less traumatic process.

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9) We’re one step closer to the Jetsons' dream of flying cars:

flying cars

Maybe it was when Harry Potter flew a car, but for whatever reason, we’re getting closer to the possibility of flying our way to work every day! The Volocopter started developing in Germany and is going to hit the market sooner than you know.

10) People with Parkinson’s can at least eat in peace:


This miracle spoon which prevents trembling hands from letting food spill out of it will help people with diseases such as Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases. It’s all thanks to Google.

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