Forget Selfies. Print Your Own Mini Statue Instead.

If you can’t get enough of yourself, get Doobed!

3D Printed

Selfies might not be a testament of self-love, but getting your own personalized mini-figurines definitely is.

A Dusseldorf-based company is taking the concept of self-love to the next level by producing highly detailed, 4-inch figurines of people for really affordable prices.  

The company known as “Doob 3D,” currently has four 3D scanning booths, cleverly named “Dooblicators” around the world. There’s one in Dusseldorf, Tokyo, Santa Monica Place in Los Angeles and in New York City’s Chelsea Market. More booths will pop up soon, but the details are presently under wraps.

As Wired reports, making each of these figurines requires 54 DSLRs, 54 lenses, a complex 3-D modeling pipeline, and an $80,000 full-color 3D printer, along with a room-size scanning booth.

Here are some of the examples:

3D Printed

3D Printed

3D Printed

3D Printed

3D Printed

The price of each figurine depends upon its size.

You can easily get a statuette the size of classic Star Wars action figure for $95 while a 10-inch model might cost you $395. As for those who want a bigger one, the company produces 14-inch tall personalized figurines for $695.

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