3-D Printed Owls Are The Answer to New York's Pigeon Problem

File this under the many, many wonders of 3-D printing technology.

New York City is great in many ways but it has one major, very irritating, problem that none of the brightest minds with all their technological advancements have been able to solve. The Big Apple is overrun by more than 1 million pigeons, whose population is growing at a frightening speed.

All kinds of traps, repellents and others measures have been tried but none have had any real success in stopping them from pooping or nesting all over the city. However, it seems a solution for this problem may have finally been found in 3-D printing.

3-D printing company Robox has designed owl and hawk models that are so scary for the urban birds that they don't come anywhere near the area they're placed.

Apparently, pigeons are so intimidated by these 3-D printed birds that they stay clear of their area even when lured in by food. The stare of the colorful models are just too much to handle for the real birds.

“If you find that pigeons are plaguing your stoop, rooftop or garden, you can print either one of our hawks or owls to keep them, and their ‘gifts,’ at bay,” Chris Elsworthy, CEO of Robox, told The New York Observer.

Not only are Robox's 3-D-printed scarecrow owls and hawks effective protectors against pigeons, their design is publicly available and can be printed for less than $5.

While these fake birds won't do much to control the pigeon population, which has reached a staggering 400 million worldwide, at the very least they offer short term protection.

NYC's large pigeon population creates several urban problems. Their droppings spread diseases and increase maintenance cost of buildings. Moreover, they're a major threat to human life in the airspace surrounding airports due to the possibility of collisions with aircrafts.

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