5 Apps That Will Make You Love Your Smartphone Again

April, 24, 2014: These quirky apps will rekindle your romance with your smartphone.

In some ways, a smartphone is just like a wife. Both of them are expensive on the pocket, and early days with both are fun and exciting. It's as soon as the honeymoon period gets over when the reality starts to sink in.

No matter how cool or latest a smartphone is, there comes a time when it stops being the hi-end product it so seemed before you spent your $$$ on it. Using the same apps day in, day out makes your smartphone experience stale and soon you catch yourself giving admiring glances to the gadgets your friends are carrying.

To brighten up your failing relationship with your smartphone, here are some fun, quirky apps you can try:

Invisible Girlfriend/Boyfriend App

Dating? Ain't nobody got time for that! But even if you had the time, it's not easy finding the right match. Enter Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend apps. These upcoming apps provide lonely souls with virtual partners that can be used over social media to dupe competitive friends into thinking that you have a shoulder to cry on. The fake GF this app creates for your would tag you in pictures, send texts, call you on the phone and even exchange gifts.


Poo Log

The app does what its name suggests. Poo Log's work begins when the nature calls. Just enter the amount of times you've taken a dump in a day, and this app would feed you with all sorts of information about your health and future life. It also has games and quizzes to end the boredom some experience while sitting on the toilet.



Worried you might open up a can of worms by asking your partner if you're good or bad in bed? Fret no more! Just launch this app on your iPhone prior to making love and the extent of your bedtime supremacy will become known to you. Passion takes sound inputs to judge how pleased your partner is with you.


Atomic Fart

You may have gotten old, but the fun that follows a big, loud fart hasn't. The Atomic Fartapp offers you a variety of farting sounds to prank your friends with. Good thing is that it only produces the sound and not the smell.



What if we told you there is an app that can put you to sleep without the use of any psychoactive drugs? You may not believe at first, but then you'd have to because such an app really exists.

Digipill uses specially-made hypnotic music to relax the human mind before inducing sleep. It's just one of several miraculous things it can do to your mind.

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