5 Times Animals Awesomely Used Technology

We're obsessed with our shiny tech trinkets, so why should animals be any different?

While the legal monkey business of who owns a selfie -- a man or a monkey -- continues, we can't forget about our other animal friends embracing technology.

It's not enough for humans to invent stuff like the iPad or cell phones. Now we need to get animals in on the action. 

Ivory Maestro 

Peter the elephant just wants to make music and scroll through pictures of apples. It's good to know that animals, given technology, will use it for the same frivolous things we do.


Apps For Apes

Orangutans got their hands on iPads at the Smithsonian National Zoo. True, they have some parental/keeper controls over what they can do, but the apes get to paint, make music and even watch a koi pond.


Touching Turtles

We expect primates to be really intelligent, but even turtles are getting in on the touch screen game. Researchers at England's University of Lincoln just taught turtles how to use touch screen technology to show .... well, nothing much besides that turtles are smart. If we ever need slow animals manning touch screens for some reason, we know turtles are up for the job.


Feline Secretary

Now your cat can be your answering service, or at least stop the phone from ringing so much. Cats are much better suited for this than monkeys.


Delicious, Delicious iPad

The other animals used iPads for entertainment. This puppy just seems to think they're delicious. But his tongue is creating sweet music and art with every lick.


Eight-Armed Thief 

Most of the videos out there of animals and cameras are because we humans have made it happen. You can strap a camera on anything from a kitty to an emperor penguin to see how it spends the day. But this octopus took matters into its own arms. 

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