These Smartphone Apps Save Lives

One day you may regret not installing these life saving apps on your smartphone.

Dogs may have once been 'man's best friend,' but smartphones have since relieved them of that duty.

Our circumstances change, people come and go, but one thing that stays constant for all of us is a smartphone. It’s always with us, keeping us connected, entertained, and sometimes even out of harm's way.

These tech wonders, if equipped with the right apps, can save lives.

Here are seven apps that have a proven track record of coming in handy in times of emergencies. Check them out and install them on your gadgets to stay safe in times of emergencies.


1- Pulse Point

A simple CPR often proves to be the difference between life and death in cases of cardiac arrests. Yet, only 30 percent of heart attack patients end up getting this life saving treatment due to lack of awareness. This number could go up, however, thanks to an app called Pulse Point.

It sends out Amber Alerts to nearby users when someone suffers a cardiac arrest. It was through Pulse Point that an infant baby's life got saved recently.


2- ICE Standard

This app makes paramedics and hospital staff's work easier and more effective. Instead of them having to go through the patient's lengthy contact list in case of an emergency, they can simply extract his emergency information from the 'In Case of Emergency' app.



The Federal Emergency Management Agency's smartphone app serves as the information hub in times of disasters, natural calamities, or other situations of crisis.


4- LifeSaver-App

Texting and driving at the same time takes hundreds of lives and causes thousands of road accidents each year, but they can be prevented through the LifeSaver-App. This app, when installed and turned on, renders the smartphone unusable for sending or receiving text messages.


5- iBP Blood Pressure

Those who suffer from high blood pressure will find this app extremely handy. It keeps a blood pressure log and offers analysis that could come in handy on a visit to the doctor's office.


6- WebMD

This is the mobile app of the famous site that offers expert insight on any topic of medical importance.


7- The BikeShield App

Predicting the movement of unruly bikers on the road sometimes becomes extremely difficult and leads to major accidents. The BikeShield app provides a solution for it. It sends out a warning if any motorcyclists are nearby, thanks to its vehicle-to-vehicle communication network.


8- Red Panic Button

The Red Panic Button app lets smartphone users send their GPS locations to pre-set emergency numbers with a simple push of a button.

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