7 Must Have iPhone Apps You Probably Don’t Know About

30/30 gives a whole new meaning to your to do list.


30/30 gives a whole new meaning to your to do list.

  • The interface is simple and vibrant.  It’s easy to view your ‘to dos’ clearly in list form.  
  • It asks you to designate a specific time frame for each item on your list.

For example, you can give yourself 20 minutes to fold your laundry, 15 minutes to answer emails, followed by a 30 minute break. Once you’ve outlined your times for each item, hit play. The timer starts, holding you accountable for a single item on your list at a time, and also alerting you when it’s time to move on to the next task. Check it out for yourself. It’s awesome.


In a foreign country and don't speak the language? No problem. Let CamDictionary assist you.

  • It allows you to translate between 16 languages by simply placing your camera over the text.
  • Features text-to-speech translating.

Wikitude (Free)

With this app, you may as well bid farewell to boredom.

  • Based on what your camera sees, the augmented-reality (AR) app pulls out information on bars, restaurants and landmarks.
  • The filters can be used to find only the best pubs or most appealing events going on in your area.


Ever get the urge to improve your culinary skills or learn how to play a blues solo on the piano?

  • SnapGuide offers a vast collection of comprehensive category based instructive guides.
  • Interactive and easy user interface.
  • You can browse guides by genre, search for guides or create your own.

TuneIn Radio

  • TuneIn Radio puts thousands of radio stations in the palm of your hand.
  • Features a massive selection of radio stations from across the world. 
  • You can search by location, station, artist, or song, or, alternatively, browse by categories such as talk, sports, musical genre, and more.
  • Save your favorite stations for future viewing, or check out recommended stations based on your previous listening.


Never lose an interesting article or youtube click again. Pocket, the rebranded version of the admired Read It Later service, is a helpful offline reading tool.

  • Allows you to choose and save articles, pictures, and videos for later.
  • Its clean format means you can enjoy content without a lot of the side clutter on the web.
  • Tagging, cross-device and platform syncing, and other features make this a wholesome experience as opposed to just locking you to a particular device, computer, or browser.


Cloze assimilates all of your social media accounts into one – Facebook, Twitter, Email, and even LinkedIn.

No need to check in to multiple websites or apps for notifications, messages and comments.

It organizes your contacts by who you speak with most, not who you spoke to last. This means your significant other, family members, and best friends are a single click away

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