8th Grader Invents Device To Help His Disabled Friend Communicate

Ohio 8th grader Jacob Smilg was inspired to develop a messaging device to help his friend who was struck by lightening communicate.

A really awesome Ohio 8th grader has used his super advanced technological skills to help a disabled friend and classmate communicate.

Ethan Kadish was struck by lightning at a summer camp about two years ago, since then he has been wheelchair bound and unable to speak. His friend, Jacob Smilg, had the brilliant idea to create a device that helps Kadish communicate with his family and friends.

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The device is a digital message board that lights up to read “yes” or “no” depending on which way Kadish tilts his head.

"It changes things on such a fundamental level in terms of what we see he understands," Kadish’s mother told ABC 9.

Before Smilg built the message board, Kadish would simply blink to indicate yes or no when asked questions.

According to Smilg, using this new gadget is the most Kadish has communicated in a year and a half.

This story is amazing for so many reasons, the first being how creative and intelligent Smilg is for coming up with such a handy innovation.

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There’s also the simple fact that he cared enough about his friend to take the time to develop something that would make his life easier. Thirdly, seeing Kadish use the device and seem so happy that his family can better understand him is simply beautiful.

Check out the ABC 9 segment on Kadish and Smilg below! 

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