9 Creative Ways To Use Drones That Don't Involve Killing People

Check out how these creative minds used drone technology in non war-zones.

For the longest time, drones have been associated with war as weapons of destruction for their infamous attacks.

But, the lines are blurring as people make use of these “unmanned aerial vehicles” in rather creative ways.

The world is a happier place when drones are used in these life-changing ways, rather than to cause destruction. Here are just some of the ways a few creative minds have made use of them: 

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1) To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

drone star wars

YouTuber user Olivier C used a drone to create a replica of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. And it looks pretty cool!

2) For Love

drone proposal

Zhang Ziyi, a Chinese actress known for her role in the martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, was proposed to as tradition dictates with a diamond ring – via a drone – by her now fiancé Wang Feng. Who says romance and technology cannot complement each other?

3) To Create Art 

Spaxels Lightpainting from Ars Electronica on Vimeo.

Light-painting makes use of long-exposures to create 3D imagery, which is in this case was made with the help of drone technology.

4) To Make ANYTHING A Drone

A student project titled “Drone It Yourself” (DIY) at Piet Zwart Institute is designed for the average Joe to turn any object into a drone by attaching by four motors and a control unit.  With this kit, you could turn anything into a drone to fly around, be it a bicycle wheel, a computer keyboard, a book or whatever else your heart desires. Though there are probably some limitations, the idea is pretty neat!

5) For Delivering Goods

Dominos U.K. is not the only one to think of this genius idea. Another food service called DönerCopter – which delivers kebabs – as well as Amazon prime air service operates in a similar manner.

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6) To Celebrate The Holidays

drone holiday christmas

When TGIF created a holiday-themed drone, carrying mistletoe, it kind of backfired. But still, the idea was life-changing – even if it meant a nasty cut on someone’s face.

7) To Take Epic “Dronies”

Cue in melodramatic music for the next spin on the word “selfies”: a selfie taken by a drone, ergo a “dronie”.

8) To Party With Music

The Party Drone was a gimmick by Spotify and Base used at a dance festival in Belgium. It allowed music lovers to experience their favorite music in a unique way. When registering for festival tickets, people were asked for their favorite songs. To their surprise, a drone equipped with a speaker would greet them at the festival, playing their favorite song. 

No more waiting in line to break out in your favorite dance routine!

9) For Helping People

The Matternet Vision from Matternet on Vimeo.

Matternet is a innovative company that started in 2011 and is working towards transporting medical need to remote parts of the developing world. If that isn’t a fine example of how drones can be used for good, then who knows what could be.

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