9 World Record Holders From The Tech World

It's a shame there isn't an Olympics for these tech practices.

Thanks to Olympics and a bunch of other athletic competitions, it's common knowledge who the fastest runner, quickest swimmer and highest jumper are in the world. Excellence in these physical excursions are amply documented and handsomely rewarded.

The same amount of respect isn't, however, given to the digital era practices of texting, typing, printing, etc.

Here, we bring to you nine world records from the digital age that every techie should be aware of. Read it, learn the record holders' names and don't forget them because they are the Usain Bolts and Michael Phelps in their own right.

Fastest Texter

Fastest Texter

Brazilian teenager Marcel Fernandes Filho recently became the fastest texter in the World by typing a 26-word message without any typos in a mere 18.19 seconds minus the use of autocorrect.  

He did it by typing the following message on his Samsung Galaxy S4:

The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.”

Here is this 17-year-old accomplishing the grand feat:


Fastest Hands-Free Texter

Fastest Hands-Free Texter

Hank Torres is a quadriplegic from the US who typed the same sentence that Filho did but with a Swype keypad and a head tracking device. It took him 83.09 seconds to accomplish this feat.

He is paralyzed from the shoulders down, but that didn't stop him from creating tech history. His big moment can be viewed here:


Longest Video Games Marathon

Longest Video Games Marathon

It may seem you can never get tired of multiplayer gaming, but can you go almost five days with controllers in your hands in front of the screen? The Belgian trio of Tony Desmet, Jesse Rebmann and Jeffrey Gammon certainly can, and they did. From 18-22 December 2010, they did nothing but play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood at the GUNKtv World Record Gaming Event. That's 109 hours of nonstop gaming. Let's hope they were wearing diapers.


Youngest Pro Gamer

Youngest Pro Gamer

Talking about video games, check out young wiz Victor De Leon III aka Lil Poison, who started competing at the age of four and became a professional video gamer at the age of six. A year later, he proved that his gaming chops are genuine by winning second place in a 550-gamer tournament. That's crazy young!


Longest Winning Streak on Street Fighter

Street Fighter

This man might seem harmless, but challenge him on Street Fighter IV and you'll get the ass whooping of a lifetime. Named Ryan Hart, he went 169 matches unbeaten on the famous Capcom game. He is a Guinness World Record holder.


Shortest Time to Complete of Batman: Arkham City

For an average gamer, it takes 23 hours to finish Batman: Arkham City, but speed gamer Sean “DarthKnight” Grayson did that in just two hours, three minutes and 19 seconds.

Here is him doing it:


Fastest Typist on Dvorak Simplified Keyboard

With a peak of 216 words per minute (wpm), writer Barbara Blackburn was the fastest Guinness-recognized typist on a Dvorak Simplified Keyboard. Since her death in 2008, several techies have claimed to have topped her record but none's authenticity has been verified.


Fastest Typist on a Standard QWERTY Keyboard

Fastest Typist


Sean Wrona of Ithaca, NY, set the unofficial world record for typing on a standard QWERTY keyboard by peaking at the speed of 256 wpm. He also won the first ever Ultimate Typing Championship. Here he shows his inhumane speed:


Most Selfies Taken With Different People In Six Hours

Most Selfies

The record for most selfies with different people in six hours is held by this Czech musician Filippo Ferrari. His record stands at 673 selfies.

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