$90,000 Stolen Tesla Found With iPhone App

The Tesla Reached Speeds Over 100 Miles Per Hour As Owner Followed On App

2014 Tesla Model S

A La Jolla woman was leaving a friends house when she discovered her $90,000 Tesla had vanished. 

Owner Shahin Pirani activated the iPhone app that comes with the high-tech electric car and was able to track her luxury ride. She alerted the police who dispatched patrol units and the chase was on. 

The Model S App not only tracks where the car is but shows how fast it is going and can disable the car if it is stopped.

"The car was actually running at 100 mph so we figured the car was being chased by the cops," said Pirani. 

Police eventually used spike strips to flatten the car’s tires after a 20-minute pursuit. The thieves abandoned the car and ran but were eventually caught. 

The Tesla app has other cool features like letting owners control battery charging, heat or cool the car remotely and open or close the roof. Pirani has owned the Tesla for about a year and is sold on the brand.

"After this, I'm not going to get any other car for sure," she said.

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